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Here are some frequently asked questions (with answers).


What is Sunrise Financials?

Sunrise Financials is our proprietary online banking system.

How do I set up my account?

Go the Sunrise Financials home page and click "LOGIN." Follow the prompted instructions, and you'll be able to use Sunrise Financials in no time!

What if I forget my Sunrise Financials ID and/or password?

Contact our Customer Care Center by calling 1-364-999-4869 and answer a series of security questions. Then we'll give you your ID and reset your password.

What happens when the computer says my access has been revoked?

That means that you have entered incorrect login information repeatedly. In this case, please contact our Customer Care Center at 1-877-903-2265. 

How do I add an account to my Sunrise Financials ID?

Log into your account and click "Contact Us" to send us a secure message. Indicate the account number you would like to access online and what type of account it is. We will verify the signature card and activate the account. 

Are there any fees to use Sunrise Financials?


How do I use Sunrise Financials to change my address or other personal information?

Log in to Internet banking. Click "Contact Us" to send a Secure Email and instruct us to change your address.

What happens if I forget to log off of Sunrise Financials?

There is a security feature called a time-out. If the system is inactive for ten (10) minutes the user is logged off. 

What if I used online bill pay and need a copy of the check?

Contact the Customer Care Center with the details of the payment. This request usually takes three (3) business days. You may also Login and click "Contact Us" to send a Secure Email and request a copy of the payment. Be sure to include the biller name, address, payment amount, and payment date and your contact phone number in case we have questions. 

Is the Sunrise Financials Mastercard® debit card a credit card?

No. While it lets you make purchases with the convenience of using "plastic," the funds to cover your purchases are deducted directly from your checking account. 

Where can I use my Mastercard debit card?

Use it for purchases at over 14,000,000 locations worldwide, where you see the MasterCard logo.

Is there a charge for using the Sunrise Financials Mastercard debit card to make purchases?

There are no fees for purchases or cash withdrawals at Sunrise Financials ATMs. There is no interest charge since the money comes directly from your primary checking account.

How can I avoid overdrawing my account when using my Sunrise Financials Mastercard debit card?

Funds for a MasterCard Check card purchase are deducted from your checking account—just like a check. So, just as you can overdraw your account with a checkbook, it is possible to overdraw it with the check card. To avoid this, you should immediately deduct any check card transactions from your register. Additionally, overdraft protection helps.

What happens if I lose my Sunrise Financials Mastercard debit card?

Contact Sunrise Financials immediately by calling 1-877-903-2265 to have your card cancelled 24/7/365. Quick action helps us stop any unauthorized transactions.

If you have other questions, please contact an Sunrise Financials customer service representative, or email your question to: